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Let’s start from the beginning, how did you guys end up playing together?

We started playing together and formed about June  just a month prior to the ESL Cologne OCE qualifier in July, where we placed second nationally. I’ve known Emagine since CSS days and he was just transitioning to CSGO and I knew Rickeh from my days in 1.6 and also versing him in my old team, both Rickeh and James were teammates in Trident and USTILO has been a standout individual since his first National LAN debut in
How does a regular day look like for you guys? How much time do you spend practicing and how does it affect your social lives?

A regular day would see me going to work, until 5pm WA time, then jump straight on and start practising, it’s 8pm eastern and we would practise until around 11pm Eastern ideally but sometimes cut short due to lack of teams. We all prioritise cs go boosting over our social lives mostly, including girlfriends (who are awesomely supportive considering), forfeiting our Sundays usually and declining invites to the odd weekday dinner invitations, but we do it for the love of competing and for each other.
How do your family and friends feel about your gaming career?

Personally my family is always excited about the opportunities my gaming career represents as well as very supportive of the ‘hardcore’ practise regime before a large qualifier or tournament cs go account, they understand that during that time they’re not going to hear from me much. My friends think it’s awesome that I get to tour the country and occasionally the world, a while back no one knew what I was really competing in but now days it’s totally acceptable, mostly people just see the good side which is the travel and the winning, but they rarely see the blood, sweat and tears that can sometimes go into just losing.

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